About Us

Fox Hills Farm is located in Colorado and was established in 1990 after our trip to Australia. We easily fell in love with all the wildlife down under, but our favorite was the Bennett Wallaby. We returned to the states and began raising these incredible marsupials, giving them the best care possible.

Caging, housing, feed, health, safety and comfort all became a top priority. After hand-raising several joeys we began designing pouches and accessories for our pampered joeys with these priorities in mind.


"When I first started raising wallabies I could not find any info on hand-raising them or find any quality supplies, so I began making my own pouches that were safe and comfortable, and designed my own bottles. I then searched the world over to find what I believe to be the best quality feeding teats and the best macropod milk replacer ever made (Biolac Milk Replacer).

All of this I have done to give my joeys, and yours, the best possible care to start their life away form mom. Everything I make and sell is of highest quality and made with the joey in mind in order to reproduce life in their natural state as close as possible.
This is how we
Pamper Our Pets

Please take a look at our site and be sure to visit the Photo Gallery page to see photos of many of our happy customers with their Pampered Joeys & other Pampered Pets that were raised on Biolac Milk Replacer and in my pouches.

- Chris Thompson


We believe all pets should be spoiled and for this reason
Peewee’s Pampered Pet Products
of Fox Hills Farm
was established.

In 1999, we were blessed with a tiny premature joey named "Peewee", orphaned and weighing only a few ounces. Thru countless hours, days, and weeks of love, comfort, and caring, he beat the odds and is now a full grown wallaby living a very spoiled life.

Our top quality, hand crafted items are carefully designed and specially made with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. Our carefully chosen materials are made of cotton and cotton/poly blend for maximum air flow. They are strong, durable and most importantly, machine washable. Our items are adaptable for all small animals from marsupials to monkeys. And we gladly accept special orders to ensure your loved one is snuggled in properly.

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