kit1sm.jpg - 4.32 KFinally, a FIRST AID KIT designed for any animal. No more buying one for your wallaby, another for your raccoon, another for your cat, etc..
Here it is - all in one!

Veterinarian Recommended

First Aid Kit
for Home or Travel

This kit was designed by Peewee's Pampered Pet Products along with the help and advice other breeders, pet owners, and 5 different veterinarians. It is designed to be used in emergency situations for any small mammal, whether it is domestic or exotic, until you can get the animal to your vet. Many items in this kit are not found in other first aid kits. All items are grade A and the thermometer is flexible for the safety of your pet. Everything fits nicely into a handy carrying case.

It is great to have at home, on the farm,or especially while you are traveling with your pet.

Safe to use on: cats, dogs, ferrets, wallabies and other marsupials, rodents, pocket pets, or any other small mammal.
(This kit is NOT designed for use on reptiles or birds.)

Only $49.95

First Aid Kit
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First Aid Kit
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First Aid Kit Includes:
1 - Instruction Booklet 1 - Curved Syringe (Feed and apply medication)
1 Pair Latex Gloves (Protect hands to prevent contamination) 1 - Eye Dropper (Eye and ear medication)
1 - Iodine 4 oz (Sterlize wounds) 1 - Syringe 1ml (Feed and medication)
2 - Insect Sting Wipes (Stops itch and swelling) 1 - Cold Pack 5 inch x 7 inch (Reduce swelling)
5 - Cotton Swabs (Clean ears, nose or open wounds) 1 - Hot Pack 5 inch X 7 inch (Restore body temperature)
1 - Bottle Styptic 3.5 gr (Stop bleeding) 1 - Eye Wash 4 oz (Clean eyes or wounds)
* 1 - Digital Flexible Thermometer (Check for fever) * 4 - Certalyte Tablets (Oral fluid replacement for electrolytes)
1 - Tweezers 4 inch (Remove thorns and ticks) 2 - Tongue Depressors (to open mouth and as splints)
1 - Roll Coflex Self-adhesive Bandage 1 inch x 5 yards 2 - Band-Aids 1 inch X 3 inch (Cover injured area)
1 - Scissors 5 inch (Cut tape and hair) 1 - Blanket Wrap (Maintain body temperature)
1 - Roll Gauze 4 inch x 6 yards (Cover injury, can be a muzzle) 4 - Surgi-Lube 3 gr packs (Lubricate thermometer)
2 - Certa-Sporyn Antibiotic 1 gr (Stops bacterial growth) * 8 - Charcoal Capsules (Oral GI absorbent for toxins)
1 - Empty Ziplock Bag 4 inch x 4 inch (Pick up sample for lab) 2 - Emergency Info Care Cards
(Due to weight, Extra S&H required on this item)

* The items marke with a red asterisk will not be found in other First Aid Kits and are very important for the health of your beloved animal.

Peewees Pampered Pet Products is not responsible for misuse of this kit.
Remember to always consult your veterinarian.

This kit is NOT designed for use on reptiles or birds.

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