Over 25 Years Experience Hand-Raising Wallabies !
We sell hand-raised joeys and occassionally have breeding adults for sale.
We also are now raising Wallaroos. Contact us to see what we have available.

  Top Quality Hand-Crafted Pet Products for all types of pets and animals
Feeding Supplies, Toys and First Aid Kits, Wallaby Pouches and other Macropod Supplies
Peewee's is now a distributor for Pet-Pro Products Sugar Glider & Hedgehog Feed
** All products we sell are proudly made in the USA**
( **except feeding teats **)

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Chris Thompson
151 South County Road 157
Strasburg, CO 80136

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We are now a distributor for Pet Pro Products Sugar Glider & Hedgehog speciality feeds. If you would like to receive a free sample of any of the Pet-Pro Products or to place an order you can call
Pet Pro Products directly at
You can save 10% on your order of Sugar Glider or Hedgehog feed by mentioning distributor number K1790T.


This is sad news for us at Pee Wee's Pampered Pet Products, but after carrying Biolac Marsupial Milk Replacer since 2000 we will no longer be carrying it. It is no longer being shipped to the USA. I want to thank everyone over the years for supporting Biolac, for we feel it is the best milk replace ever formulated for the Marsupials. There have been so many success stories. For further information regarding this product and how you may possibly order it, you can contact the Biolac company directly. They are located in NSW, Australia.

Pee Wee's Pampered Pet Products will continue to be open and supply all other needs for marsupials as well as many other types of animals. All products are custom made here in the USA, always. We will still design and make totes and pouches for all small animals with comfort and safety in mind. We will also still carry marsupial nipples that are handmade and imported from Australia.

We want to thank each of you around the world for your support and hope to continue to supply you with your needs. As always we will be here to help and share your stories in order to help others around the world. Each person's experience and stories has helped save so many macropods. With all our hearts we give everyone a BIG Thank You!

Pee Wees Pampered Pet Products
June 2016

Chris Thompson
Kelly Thompson

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