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If you've got questions, we'll try our best to answer them. We are always here to help. We will gladly give you information about anything to help your pet live a safer, longer life and to help you, the owner, have a more enjoyable experience with your pet.

We have been raising wallabies as well as other animals for several years and have alot of first-hand experience.

We will help you find books, milk, feed, fencing, clothing, supplies, or even the animal itself. It doesn't matter if we carry the product or not. Our first priority is the animal. We will give out phone numbers and addresses of other companies. We will direct you to the right person if we can't help you.

Call us at
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and we will answer your questions.

We believe our way of raising animals is NOT the "Only Way" or the "Right Way". It is just "Our Way" and it has worked for us.

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