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Hello Chris: This has been a very snowy winter in New York! Hope you havn't been getting the same. We are doing Great! Just wanted to send a picture of our joey " Magoo". We just did a presentation at the Performing Arts Center in Rhinebek NY. We do educational presentations and Magoo was a hit. Ever since using the biolac Milk replacer on your reccomendations we have had 5 healthy joeys raised with no problems! Thank You!

Have a great day.
Best regards,
Two By Two Zoo

Date: 8/23/09

I cant say enough about your milk (Biolac). I have had some sick kangaroos and this milk always got them through. Shipping is fast, the pouches are always what you need and the right size, and they seem to last forever. My roos grow great and love the taste and its easy to mix. My roos are fat and happy thanks to the milk.


Date: 8/22/09

Hi Chris,

Just wonting to say a big thankyou for the quick service, it amazes me how quick things come from overseas compared to our interstate services in Australia, especially when you have young babies at hand. I have a 300gram joey who was having trouble adapting to my teets, once he latched onto his teet he was ok but trying to get it into his mouth was a battle. I went onto your website and saw the premi teet T2 and thought perhaps that might be better so ordered it from you hoping it would arrive quickly which it did, within 5 working days it got to me. The result was pleasing, although I still had to hold his head and encourage him, the teet slipped into his mouth a lot easier because I think it was pointier than the ones I had been using. My other joey ( same age ) is a little bit more advanced ( probabley because she is a girl ) and within the first 2 feeds I no longer have to hold her head she latches onto it real easy without help. I also used the joey teets T2 on my other baby who is now 1 kilo and he has to suck a lot harder to get his milk which is good as he now thinks he has had a full bottle of milk and seems a lot more satisfied. I wont to thankyou also for your communication via email, its always good to know that when you have babies and the worry’s that go with them that there is some one out there who has had experience and knows how urgent it is when problems arise with babies. Shame you don’t live in Australia.

Thanks again,
(Victor Harbour, Australia)


We recently ordered 6 of your "kitten" nipples and boy are we glad we did. We had a stray cat come here during the holidays. She was so sickly and almost dead. We began to feed her and she perked up quickly. She became pregnant and almost immediately had the biggest belly we've ever seen. She delivered 3 live babies and then died, leaving my husband and I to feed the babies. We cant help by wonder how many more she would have had being as big as she was. The vet told us to keep feeding them with the bottles we bought at WalMart. Well, it was a struggle to get them to latch on and took us over an hour at eat feeding. So we did some research and found your company, ordered the nipples. They cut our feeding time down by one half hour!!!! The kittens immediately latched on and are growing leaps and bounds.

We will recommend your products to everyone who needs pet products. I'm sure we'll be ordering other products since we have 4 cats besides the kittens that live in our house and are taking over. Ha!. Thanks again and have a great day!!!!!!

Ann Boozer

Date: 10/10/07

Hi There,
My name is Chrissy and I too raise baby wallabies here in Tasmania, Australia. I read your peice on Biolac and I agree whole heartedly with your statements. I myself have used Biolac for the nearly 14 years of rearing 'babies' and have never had any trouble with the product. And, in fact, I find it to be the best of all the marsupial milks - it's easy and quick to use and relativly cheap compared to other marsupial milks (at least here in Australia). I love your site, haven't read it all but sounds great. I too have experimented with different bags and materials and have found nothing substitutes for a good cuddle and kiss. I also carry the 'babies' around my neck. I actually sit them under my jumper on top of my boobs if they are small enough, or around my waist while doing housework or whatever. People think I'm a bit strange sometimes but I don't care, it's the babies that matter.

I have tried woombaroo and found it was veeery expensive for the amount you needed and I had to feed water inbetween because they were getting dehydrated. So I stopped using it and went back to Biolac and haven't looked back. I can honestly say I haven't lost a baby through Biolac - only through injury, poisoning or fretting (some just never adjust to you and miss thier mums no matter what you do. Fortunatly I have only had two of those). Here in Aussie we are not allowed to have these lovely animals as pets or keep them past a certain age, so unfortunatly, I don't have data for you post release except for the few I have released on some rental properties that I know have survived and lived healthy lives and reproduced. I have never seen or know of side affects from Biolac - but I know that wallabies and possums do go blind in the wild - whether from old age, poisons (1080 etc) or injury. I wish I could keep them as I get so attached to them and hate the thought of them getting shot or poisoned, but there is nothing I can do. And good release places are hard to come by so you just have to hope they have a good life, but my it's hard!!

I started rasing babies when I first moved out of home and was bushwalking. I suddenly hear what I thought was a bird sqeaking. When I looked under a bush there was a near hairless bennets wallaby crying for his mum. When I bent down to look at him he wobbled over to me and I fell in love and had to help him! He survived and is still one of my favourite boys (though he would be well and truely gone now) and I couldn't stop. I have at least 4 a year (bennets and padeamelon), but have had up to eight in a season - (seasons run from september to january - although they can go later if the feed is good), and for a few years I didn't have a break at one stage as they bred for 3 years running! I just loooove them and even though I now have a daughter of my own I still can't resist them, and fortunatly my daughter is an animal lover too, so we should be okay. I have always raised my babies with domestic animals including birds, chooks, guinea pigs, dogs, etc. and have never had any worries with diseases. They seem to be quite resistant to most things, and I found dog and cat fleas don't like joeys. I wish I could set up some sort of wildlife park or something but my property is small so I will have to be content with just loving and releasing them for now.

Any way, great site!


Date: 05/07/07

I live in France, and like many people I had a dream, which was to have pet kangaroos. I searched the Internet and found the site of Chris Thompson, wwww.peeweespamperedpetproducts.com. If it was not for the products she sells (her pouches and Biolac milk replacer), along with her time, patience, love and caring, I would have never been able to raise or even keep alive one baby Bennet Wallaby. She gave me all the answers I needed. She sent me the right products and taught me how to use them step-by-step. For many years now she and her daughter have always been there by my side to help me and advise me. I have known many people in Europe that have tried to raise baby wallabies, but I can say that I am the only one I know of that has been able to do so successfully. And that is because of Chris’ products and her support. The babies I have raised on Biolac and in Chris’s pouches are in good health. As a matter of fact, they appear much healthier than the babies raised by there own mothers! I will never be able to give back to Chris what she gave me, but this testimonial was the least I could do. So if you are thinking about raising a baby wallaby, I would advise you to go to wwww.peeweespamperedpetproducts.com.

All my Family and me give a big thanks to Peewee's Product's!

Date: 2/24/06

Hi! My name is Jennifer Hovatter and I spoke with you on the phone concerning my Red Kangaroo Joey. I just wanted to let you know that since I recieved the milk from you and started her on it we have seen major changes in her overall health. Thank you so much for trusting us and seding the milk before you recieved payment. We appreciate it very much and continue to recommend you to everyone we know with Wallabies and Kangaroos. Once again, THANK YOU!! You have been a great help. God Bless you and your family!!!

Jennifer and Bryan Hovatter
Hovatter's WildLife Zoo
Kingwood, WV

Date: 01/22/06
To: Chris Thompson
Subject: Jirra

Here are two pictures of Jirra, one to show her whole body and one of her eating her second bottle after coming out of pouch. She's in a pouch made for us by PeeWee's Pampered Pet Products. These pouches were made especially for tiny macropods such as the brush tailed bettong. Jirra is a brush tailed bettong, also known as Woylies. Woylies are the smallest of the potoroids, which is a sub-species of the macropods (kangaroo family). They were actually made extinct by 1920 due mostly to the introduction of foxes into Australia. There are reintroduction programs in Australia that seem to be pretty successful, but they are still in limited areas in Australia.

CLAWS is the only organization that we know of that is trying to hand raise this species. So far we've been very successful with this. We cannot thank Chris with PeeWee's Pampered Pet Products for all of their help with the Biolac formula and pouches, as well as moral support whenever needed!

Kindra D. Mammone
Executive Director, CLAWS, Inc.


Date: 09/07/05

Hi Chris!

Oh my gosh!! What a wonderful present you sent to us! The liners were even gift wrapped! Jenny, my daughter, and I had a wonderful time sifting through everything. The hanging pouch using care bears was a hugh hit, it is perfect! Thank you for the love and attention you put in your items.
Thank you for everything.



I am so pleased that Ray Strom and you Chris introduced me to Biolac. I have had absolutely no problems with it in the 3 years I have been using it. It mixes up so easily, and all my exotics love it. As a bonus after reading all the studies on Biolac compared to some of the other milk replacers, it turns out to be the best on the market for my brushtail possum too! My joey absolutely loves it too and no problems with it whatso ever! Thank you so so much for sending me all that material to read about my brustail possums. And especially for the totes you made for my wallabies and brushtail. I couldn't have asked for anything better. You have thought of everything us marcupial breeders need for a pouch. Lots of room for the joey to grow, yet not too much room so that they would feel uncomfortable in such a big area. You even have room for those hand warmers to stick in a pocket to help keep your joeys warm! And the little toys you make are just what them seem to love. You have thought of everything Chris, and have found one of the best milk to use! I thank you so very very much for all your help, and wisdom you pass on to everyone that asks.


Date: 05/27/05

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your beautiful pouches, they are so well made, my Joeys will be very warm and comfortable in them. Our winter has just started. I shall be singing your praises at our next meeting and proudly show them off.
Again, many thanks.

Regards from "Down Under"
Henny Mullard
Wildlife Carer
Far South Coast of NSW Australia

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