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Socks & Blocks:
They arenít just toys!

These necessary and functional hand crafted items help occupy your pet and to keep your petís attention, especially when they are newly missing their mother. The jingle bell on these items is very necessary to keep their attention, and is pleasing for you to listen to as they play.

Jingle Socks

Designed to give your pet something to suck on or bite other than itself or you!
#JS1 (small).........$3.50 each
#JS2 (large).........$3.50 each

Jingle Blocks

The square design is great for wee ones, they donít roll away and are easy for your pet to pick up.
#JB1.........$3.50 each

"I'll get you! I'll get you! Come here you rotten jingle sock!" "Here I am all comfy cozy in my pampered pet pouch with my jingle block ready to go for a ride."

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